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This is the #lightroom #adobe end product of my shoot for a #selfportrait . 1. Darken the room. For a shoot like this it’s easier to control the light. I used a #godox #es600 600w strobe light with inbuilt modeling light. 2. Aperture controls the amount of flash light on your subject so set the shutter to 1/200 & ISO 200 max. 3. If you struggle with the background appearing in your images. Go round your subject with a -4 stop brush to reset the blackness. #professionalphotographer #bestselfieever #theabstractphotographer #canon #650D #50mmlens #niftyfifthty

The important rules of taking a #headshot picture. 1 Lighting I’m using the window light to my left and turning my head slowly into it to ensure enough light is across my face. 2. Set your camera light meter to the dark side of the eye. 3. Subject interaction: back straight, lean neck towards camera (to kill double chin), point forehead down slightly, think happy thoughts (to smile naturally) & finally look ABOVE the camera lens! Job done #selfie #iphone4s #theabstractphotographer

Switch on my computer and every morning at work and the Defence intranet homage loads up. Nothing usual there but it’s either cuts to pensions or jobs on the screen. Until today. This familiar figure pops up. #imam Asim Hafiz gets a #obe . I’ve heard of him during my tour of #iraq in #2005 the #britisharmy had informed me that they’ve hired a #Muslim #chaplain . As a direct feedback I left a year before. So not only is he Army’s 1st #islamic imam now he’s the country’s 1st #obe well done fella

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